Newsletter Week of May 27th

 Pastor’s Piece

On Sunday, I challenged our church to get to know Jesus better.  I’m calling this challenge “The Full Gospel Project.”  Between now and Easter, I’m challenging us to read through 100% of the gospels together as a congregation.  We’re going to start in Matthew and read 2-3 chapters per week.  Sometimes I will address parts of the chapters we’re reading, and sometimes I will be preaching about something else.  I will also give you a few questions or thoughts to ponder about the chapters we’re reading each week.  I will include these in the newsletter each week for you to read and consider at home.  In case you’re the kind of person who likes to know where we’re going, I have attached our Full Gospel reading plan HERE.
As we begin reading together I thought it might be helpful to include this link for some of you who want to go deeper.  It’s an article by Randy Maddox, the esteemed Professor of Wesleyan and Methodist Studies at Duke Divinity School, called “How John Wesley Read the Bible.” 
This week I would encourage you to begin reading the Gospels with me by reading Matthew 1 and 2.  Here are some things to consider as you read:

Matthew 1 begins with a genealogy of Jesus’ life.  Notice that the author begins with Abraham (not Adam).  Also, notice the 5 women who are mentioned in the list.  In verse 17, the author is quick to point out a numerical pattern that is present.  What do you make of all these things?  Why did the author consider them important enough to include?  
The 2nd chapter of Matthew contains very intentional echoes of an Old Testament hero of the faith- Moses.  In fact, many theologians have suggested that we ought to read and understand Jesus as “the new Moses.”  From what you remember of Moses’ story, where do you hear echoes of Moses’ story in Jesus’ own story? (If you’re interested in more on this link between Jesus and Moses, I highly recommend a book we have in our bookstore- “Jesus Wants to Save the Christians” by Rob Bell and Don Golden)      
On Sunday, we’ll begin our new sermon series called “He Said What?”  We’ll be looking at just a few of the many scriptural examples where Jesus said things that were shocking to those around Him.  We are going, to begin with, the story of Jesus and Zacchaeus- a story that is so familiar that we easily miss the unthinkable grace Jesus extended. 
I invite you to join me in “The Full Gospel Project.”  As your pastor, I truly believe that getting to know Jesus better is the only way to grow as a disciple of Christ.  I do hope you’ll join me, and that we’ll see you on Sunday.  
Pastor Andy   

Ways to Get Connected 

Tuesday Evening – Men’s Bible Study
Tonight all men are invited to join us for the kickoff of a summer Men’s Bible Study at Faithbridge. We will meet each Tuesday at 6 PM. This was announced during the church service and a handful of men have already said they’ll be there. I hope you will join us.
6 – 6:15pm will be a gathering time to fill coffee cups, say hi & get ready.
6:15pm will be Bibles open and rolling
7:30pm You WILL be gone.  Guaranteed!!!!!!!!!!

If you have any questions, please call or text Glenn Shields at 314-276-4880, or send an email to   

Please call a friend and bring one with you.  We hope to see you there.

IGNITE Mobile Youth Camp – July 22-26
Jesus loves me this I know. What familiar words from childhood. Even now, the song is a reminder of love, joy, and hope we have in Jesus.  This summer’s Ignite Camp is a promise of reaching many young lives with that same love, joy, and hope.  We can further share the love of Jesus by extending a personal hand in helping campers and their families connect at Faithbridge.  What a sense of comfort and, yes, even a feeling of being home, when they see a familiar welcoming face! 
No experience required!  The only qualification is a love for God and neighbor!  During camp, Relationship Builders connect with campers & their families.  Attend camp all 5 days for 4 hours each day (either morning or afternoon) so campers can get to know you.  Training/briefing will be provided on Sunday, July 21 after church.  Sign-up sheets are available at church or contact Jeanna Fowler for details.  Phone: (515) 577-3762 Email:
Thank you to the many volunteers already signed up to assist with the camp!  Please pray each camper feels the love of Jesus and the gift of love they receive is passed on to their family, friends, and neighbors!     

Campers age 6-12 should get ready for an action-packed Ignite Mobile Camp that brings the excitement of Church Camp to Faithbridge. It’s not too late to register for the fun!  Parents & Grandparents now is the time to sign up your kiddos!  To sign up now, CLICK HERE.
Hope House Volunteers

The next Hope House volunteer days are May 29th (Wed.), 31st (Fri.) and June 1st (Sat.) from 9:00-2:00.  

Lake of the Ozark Stop Human Trafficking Coalition

Awareness is the key to fighting human trafficking AT THE LAKE!
For information on how to get involved, visit their website at: or attend their monthly meetings. The next two meetings are  June 27th at the Bank of Versailles and July 25th at St. George Episcopal Church in Camdenton.