Newsletter Week of June 10th

Pastor’s Piece

I missed you all last week while I was away at Annual Conference, but I hear that you had a great time with Rev. Patrick Moore.  This week we’re continuing our sermon series called, “He Said What?” with a sermon about Jesus’ command to love our enemies.  The scripture I’ll be preaching from is Matthew 5:38-48 which comes from Jesus’ most famous sermon.  Chapters 5-7 in Matthew’s gospel contains what we refer to as Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mount,” and this just happens to be the chapters we’re reading together as part of our reading plan for “The Full Gospel Project.”  The picture above is the Church of the Beatitudes which sits on top of the place they believe to be the place where Jesus preached this sermon (and perhaps others).
Matthew 5-7 is full of scriptures that we think of as being some of Jesus’ fundamental teachings, and it also contains things that he said that we still struggle with today.  It kicks off with what is referred to as the beatitudes- the list of “Blessed are the…” or “Happy are the…” in which Jesus sets a completely new standard for happiness.  Then Jesus shares what specific actions and behaviors are required of our lives if we are to truly follow God.  Consider the following as you read Matthew chapters 5-7 this week:

  1. Matthew 5 is filled with “You have heard it said” statements.  Pay attention to what Jesus does with the Law of Moses that the Jewish people carefully followed.  Do you think Jesus tightens the rules or relaxes them?
  2. Jesus’ sermon ends with a number of warnings in 7:13-27.  On a scale from 1-10, how much confidence do you have that you are living in Christ?  How do you know this to be true?

The Sermon on the Mount is at the heart of what Matthew tells us we need to understand to be a follower of Jesus.  I hope that your reading inspires you this week, and I encourage you to talk about your answers with friends over coffee and doughnuts before service this week!

Pastor Andy

This week’s reading is Matthew 5 – 7.

Ways to Get Connected   

IGNITE Mobile Youth Camp – July 22-26
Thank you for your support and interest in the July 22-26 Ignite Camp. We have had many volunteers sign-up for the various roles!  Thank you!! Our goal is to have all remaining areas of need for the camp filled this week.  We still have the following volunteer opportunities:

  • Check-in/out – 2 people needed on Thursday & Friday                                  
  • Medical Staff – 1 person needed on Friday                                                     
  • Meal Prep – 3 more people needed Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
  • Relationship Builders – 4 more people needed                                             

In addition to the roles that help the camp run smoothly, we have an opportunity to host the counselors from July 20 to July 27.  The counselors are an enthusiastic group of young adults identified by the Missouri Conference to share the good news of Jesus in our community through this fun and engaging camp!  Host homes will bless these young adults but also be blessed in return by getting to know these inspiring Christians.  Host Homes provide lodging, breakfast, dinner, and transportation to and from camp (7:15am & 5:15pm) and two evening counselor events.  Counselors arrive on Saturday July 20 and depart on the following Saturday July 27.
Volunteer sign-up sheets are available at church or contact Jeanna Fowler for details on supporting the camp. Phone: (515) 577-3762 Email:             
Hope House Volunteers

The next Hope House volunteer days are June 26th (Wed.), 28th (Fri.) and 29th (Sat.) from 9:00-2:00.

Lake of the Ozark Stop Human Trafficking Coalition

Awareness is the key to fighting human trafficking AT THE LAKE!
For information on how to get involved, visit their website at: or attend their monthly meetings. The next two meetings are  June 27th at the Bank of Versailles and July 25th at St. George Episcopal Church in Camdenton.