Newsletter Week of June 24th

Pastor’s Piece

We’re starting a new sermon series this week called “Half Truths.”  It’s based on a book by the same title that was written by Rev. Adam Hamilton, and we have those books available for you to study through the week (including a large print version) in our bookstore for only $10.  During this series, we’re going to look at simple phrases that sound Christian- like “God helps those who help themselves,” or “love the sinner, hate the sin.”  These phrases capture an element of truth, yet they miss the point in important ways.  Join us as we search for the whole truth by comparing these common Christian sayings with the wisdom that is found in the Bible.  I hope to see you this Sunday as we kick things off with “Everything happens for a reason.” 

Our reading this week for The Full Gospel Project is Matthew chapters 10 and 11.  As you read this week, consider the following:

1)   Chapter 10 is essentially Jesus giving a great big pep talk to His disciples before He begins evangelizing in their hometowns.  Notice the care and detail Jesus goes through to describe to the disciples how painful it is going to be when their own friends and family reject the Truth.  Evangelism can still be scary today.  Are you, like the first disciples, willing to lose friends, siblings, parents, or children over your faith in Christ?

2)   In 11:28-30 Jesus invites all who are struggling to experience rest.  When he describes His “yoke” as light He is referring to His teachings and interpretations of the Law and the Prophets.  How would you describe Jesus’ yoke based upon what you’ve read about Him in the Gospels? 

Pastor Andy  

This week’s reading is Matthew 10-11.

Ways to Get Connected   

Hope House Volunteers

The next Hope House volunteer days are June 26th (Wed.), 28th (Fri.), 29th (Sat.) and July 31st (Wed.) from 9:00-2:00.

Lake of the Ozark Stop Human Trafficking Coalition

Awareness is the key to fighting human trafficking AT THE LAKE!
For information on how to get involved, visit their website at: or attend their monthly meetings. The next two meetings are this Thursday, June 27th at the Bank of Versailles and July 25th at St. George Episcopal Church in Camdenton.