Newsletter Week of August 12th

Pastor’s Piece

Last week we pushed pause on the “Faith and Family” sermon series so that we could slow down and really think about what we do when it feels like our world is falling apart. If you missed it, you can watch that service HERE. We’re diving back into the messages on family this week. The sermon this week will be about parenting and grandparenting. Specifically I’m going to be talking about how we invest and think about our time in the next generation. Whether you’ve got kids or not, I really believe that this sermon will have something that you need to hear.

Pastor Andy

Update on Tina and Larry Melville

For those who haven’t heard, Larry and Tina Melville were in a bad motorcycle accident last week. They both continue to heal and recover a bit more every day. They are both in very good spirits, especially when you think about all they’ve been through. Larry is undergoing surgery to repair both his hands/arms today. Tina will have a surgery on her back on Friday. They have several procedures and hurdles still to cross in the coming weeks. Please continue to pray for their doctors and nurses and for continued healing.

On behalf of the family, thank you for wanting to share how much you are thinking about them by sending cards and posting encouraging messages on their Facebook pages, etc. These are all easy ways to send well wishes that they can view when they are awake and alert.

The best thing we can do to help right now is to let them both rest. The greatest enemies to that rest right now are visitors and phone calls. Currently they feel like they need to entertain visitors because they know you made an effort to be there, which both tires them out and delays the rest they need. When they are finished with all of the surgeries that they need, they will both stay in the hospital for about a week to recover and prepare to move to a rehab center. I will let you know when that time comes if you were hoping to visit them. If you want to check in on them, please do not call the hospital or their cell phones either. A call to the room may wake them up. Instead, please call their daughter, Sam at (850) 461-9421. She is more than happy to give out updates on their condition.

The reading this week is Matthew 25-26.

Our reading this week for The Full Gospel Project is Matthew chapters 25-26. If you’ve been in church most of your life, you’ve probably heard a lot of sermons on these chapters. As you read this week, consider the following:

Matthew 25:14-30 describes life as an investment that God makes in each of us. That begs the question- what kind of return is God seeing in the investment God has made in your life?

At the end of Matthew 26 we have the story of Peter denying that he knew Jesus 3 times. Peter essentially did this so that he wouldn’t be arrested and potentially killed as well- at the very least, he denied Jesus so that he wouldn’t have to face great discomfort. How have you chosen safety and comfort over Jesus in your life?

Ways to Get Connected

Married People
This fall we are launching a new ministry for married couples called “Married People.” We’ll kick things off with a “Date Night” on Friday, September 6th at 5:30pm. You will be given some encouragement and am “agenda” and then sent out for a great night of falling deeper in love with your spouse. Great for couples of all ages and stages. Childcare will be provided from 5:30-8:30pm.

Help in the Office
With Tina likely being unable to return to the office for the foreseeable future, we will be in need of people to volunteer to answer phones and help around the office. We will have a signup sheet with volunteer opportunities available at church on Sunday.

BOOKS for Kids

This year we will again be partnering with Heritage Elementary School to provide a scholastic book per month to each child in the Kindergarten class. Because of our church’s overwhelming generosity last year, we have decided to also include the first-grade classes this year. You may sponsor a child for only $7 for the entire school year, or any smaller or larger amount would be greatly appreciated. We will need to collect approximately $2,000. Thank you for caring for the kids in our community.

New Book Study Group

All adults are welcome to join us for a new book study beginning Wednesday, August 21st. This nine-week study will meet each Wednesday at 7-8PM. The group will be studying a book entitled, “A Faith of Your Own: Naming What You Really Believe” by Ronald J. Allen. We hope you will be able to join us. For more information please contact Becky Beck at

Hope House Volunteers

The next Hope House volunteer day is August 28th (Wed.) from 9:00-2:00.