Newsletter Week of February 3rd

Pastor’s Piece

Oh the weather outside…  This is a reminder that we follow the decisions of the School of the Osage district when it comes to winter weather.  On days like today, when School of the Osage cancels school we also close the office.  Our regular office hours are Tuesday through Thursday, 9am-2pm.  It is rare that we cancel Sunday services, but if the road conditions prevent me from getting to church on a Sunday we would cancel.  In the event of a cancelation of our worship service, you can expect to receive an email from the church office before 8am.  We would also post an announcement on the Faithbridge Facebook page. 

This week we’re continuing to read along in John with the 2nd and 3rd chapters.  I’ll be preaching, mostly from chapter 3, on Sunday as well.  As you read, keep in mind that the author of the gospel of John has one main objective- that in reading this gospel you might be persuaded to believe in the Christ.  Mark was written so that you would know that “the kingdom of God has come,” and that Jesus is the real King and is far more powerful than the Roman Caesar.  Matthew was written so that early Christians would know how to go on now that Jesus had died and the Temple had been destroyed.  Luke was interested in getting the facts right and putting together a comprehensive and accurate account of Jesus’ ministry.  But John was writing 30-50 years after the other gospel writers.  These earlier authors were passing away, and what now seemed most important was convincing people to believe that what they were reading is actually true!  

We are going to take a close look at the gospel of John.  It is likely that we’ll read John’s writings in a way that you haven’t read them before.  And I have the same hope that the author had in writing this important gospel.  I hope that through this sermon series you will come to better understand the fullness of John’s message about Jesus Christ.  I hope that your greater understanding of this gospel will indeed lead you grow spiritually to fully believe in Christ alone.  And I hope that your belief in Jesus will anchor you in the love of God and love of neighbor that Jesus commanded would be the way that we live our lives.

Pastor Andy

The Full Gospel Project

Our reading this week for The Full Gospel Project is John chapters 2 and 3.  As you read this week, consider the following: 

1)   In the sermon on Sunday, I told you that the main purpose John had in writing his gospel was so that you might believe.  At the end of both stories in chapter 2 John points out that people “believed” (John 2:11 and 2:23).  What exactly did the disciples believe at Jesus? (Look back at chapter one for help.) What does it mean that you “believe in Jesus?”      

2)   In John 3:1-12 Jesus has an interaction with Nicodemus, who appears to be a secret follower of Jesus.  During their conversation, Jesus states that “unless someone is born of water and the Spirit, it’s not possible to enter God’s kingdom.”  This is the scriptural source of the phrase “born again Christian.”  Many have interpreted this passage in different ways.  What do you read John?  What does Jesus say about how you can be born again?

By our Prayers…

Please remember the following people and situations in your prayers this week:
Christy McField – Debbie Geasley’s sister-in-law who has breast cancer
Marilyn Sherfield – Undergoing treatments as she continues to battle lung cancer

(To be included in this list, please reply to this email or fill out a prayer request card during the service on Sunday.) 

Connect, Grow, & Serve

Mmm, soup!

Mark your calendars for Sunday, February 16th for Chili/soup after lunch.  You can either bring soup, chili or a side dish, or simply join us for a delicious home-cooked meal. We will meet in the community room immediately following the service.  For more information, contact Marcy Myers at or sign up in the church lobby.

After the first “Date Night” in September we got a lot of positive feedback, so it is back in time for the season of love!  You are invited to join us with your spouse at 4 pm on Feb 22nd.  This time we will begin by joining together for a 60-minute workshop that will help you draw closer as a couple.  Then you’ll be sent out to enjoy a “Date Night” together.  Just like last time, there will be a conversation starter kit to guide you through your date.  Babysitting will be provided at church for those who need it.  No matter how long you’ve been married, this is a night you’re going to want to block off on your calendar!

Mark your calendars now for Saturday, February 22nd for our next “Date Night.”