Newsletter Week of June 8

Good News for Friday, June 12th

Pastor’s Piece

“I’ve come to start a fire on this earth—how I wish it were blazing right now! I’ve come to change everything, turn everything rightside up—how I long for it to be finished! Do you think I came to smooth things over and make everything nice? Not so. I’ve come to disrupt and confront!” -Luke 12:49-52 MSG

These were the words of Jesus from Luke 12. When I was younger, I thought of Jesus as kind of a gentle grandpa of sorts. You know, the kind who calms the storm and welcomes little children. As I got older I actually read more of the Bible and I realized something- the same Jesus who calmed the storms also challenged the social, economic, and religious status quo. And He didn’t do it quietly either (see Mark 11:15-18)!

Jesus challenged his society and the religious leaders because the world He lived in did not reflect the Kingdom of God much at all. Jesus taught these first century people to live and work in such a way that they would establish the Kingdom of God on earth. And Jesus taught that the Kingdom could become a reality through the actions of His disciples and all those who place their trust and hope in Him.

Here’s a great mystery of the Christian faith. God doesn’t give up on us. God redeems us. And then we believe something truly powerful… that God chooses to work through us. God is completely capable of doing miracles at any moment. And at the same time, God typically and primarily chooses to work through you and through me. As we continue to look at the Sermon on the Mount this week, we will be diving into Jesus’ call to be the salt and the light of the earth (Matthew 5:13-16).

One more thing. This week we’ll be sharing the service live via Facebook Live. You can join in the service with us at You do not need a Facebook account to watch the service. I hope that you’ll join us for worship this week and invite a friend to watch with you.

Blessings in the wilderness,
Pastor Andy Blacksher

By our Prayers…

Please remember the following people and situations in your prayers this week:

Steve Brown – He is now at home and receiving physical therapy. Please pray for Jayne, Steve’s family, and the doctors as they continue to determine what is best for his body.
Christy McField – Debbie Geasley’s sister-in-law who has breast cancer
Levin McGee – Sharon and Norm’s grandson needs prayers for doctors to make a confident diagnosis of the problems in his shoulder.  
Mary Jo Ware – A friend of Elaine and Bill Griglione is in Louisiana undergoing chemotherapy for Pancreatic cancer.

(To be included in this list, please reply to this email or contact the church office.)

Connect, Serve, & Grow

In-Person Services to Resume June 21st 

Keep watching your email for what to expect if you plan to attend the service on June 21st.  

We aren’t going to leave you behind if you choose to stay home.  We’ll be making our online worshiping community an even greater priority than it has been in the past. 

Regardless of how you choose to worship, please watch your email for information on what you’ll need to know to attend online or in-person beginning on June 21st.

Participate in the 2020 Census

The Census Bureau for Camden, Morgan, Miller, and Laclede Counties are still hiring in Missouri. If you might be interested in serving in your community as an employee of the Census Bureau you can find more information HERE.
And, just as a reminder, you can respond to the 2020 Census from your smartphone, tablet, or computer at  or by phone at 844-330-2020.