Newsletter for 3/6/2017

Newsletter for 3/6/2017


Our members celebrating a birthday this week are Carley Hambly (Mar. 6th), Steve Brown (Mar. 12th), and Thomas Glowczwski (Mar. 12th).

Parking Lot Paving Project

We are excited to announce that the parking lot paving project will be starting this week.  From Monday through Saturday please do not park on the gravel lot, as they will be preparing that area for paving next week.  Please feel free to use the paved areas during this time.  You may however use the gravel area on Sunday for the church service.

High School Trip to Missouri State Penitentiary

On the night of March 17th we will be doing a tour of the State Penitentiary located in Jefferson City, MO.  The time will be determined based on the official tour time we get.  Thank you to Beth Halsell for help with this event.  Please RSVP to Abby no later than Friday March 10th.

An afternoon at the State Park

All youth and their families are welcome to join us at the park on March 19th.  After worship concludes we will caravan over to the State Park to a picnic area to grill hot dogs and then go on a hike.  *Please let me know your interest, for food numbers.  If the weather is not warm or is rainy we will postpone this activity for another day.*

Men’s Bible Study

The Faithbridge Men’s Bible Study will begin on Tuesday, March 14th at 6:30 p.m.  All men are welcome to join us.  This group will meet at Faithbridge Church each Tuesday evening.

The next Hope House Volunteer Days are March 29th (Wed.) and 31st (Fri.) from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.


 One Big Hill 

Faithbridge is beginning a new sermon series, called One Big Hill. Nowhere does Jesus talk more clearly about what it looks like to follow him than in the Sermon on the Mount. It’s a provocative and counter-intuitive announcement about what happens when God shows up: The poor, the meek, and those who mourn are called blessed. Enemies are loved, the poor are cared for, God’s will is done on earth.  

This week’s message is “Love for Enemies”. 

Loving your enemy does not mean you have to add them to your Christmas list, or make them your best friend. It doesn’t mean you excuse their actions. It means you forgive them, with the knowledge that God is both merciful and just. Jesus faced grave injustice with sacrifice. Through prayer and forgiveness in our hearts, let us go forth to conquer injustice in our time by the courage not to demand retribution, but rather to repay injury with blessing and hate with love.


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