Newsletter – Week of April 17

Newsletter – Week of April 17


Our members celebrating a birthday this week are Sherri Carter (Apr. 17th), Linda Syfert (Apr. 17th), Allie Barber (Apr. 18th), and Sally Wood (Apr. 20th).

Garage Sale Fundraiser

This Saturday, April 22nd the youth will be participating in the 2017 Project Graduation Garage Sale Fundraiser hosted at the Four Seasons POA Community Center, located at 36 Vintage Landing Drive Four Seasons, MO 65049.  If you purchase anything from our booth you will be supporting our summer mission trip as we also support the Project Graduation for the School of the Osage Senior Class of 2017.

Church Camp for Middle and High School students

Abby has been a camper, volunteer counselor, and worked all last summer at a church camp…so you could say, she really likes church camp!  Church camp is a great way to connect with God and other teenagers looking to connect with God, and have a lot of fun while doing it.  A church discount code is available to everyone who attends a camp. Simply inform us that you would like to attend a camp and we’ll get you the code for registration.  If you have any questions, Abby will be glad to talk with you about camp.  Consider attending a week long church camp at:

Mark your calendar

Buck’s Send-Off Celebration – Saturday, June 17th

Buck’s Last Service “Passing the Baton” – Sunday, June 25th

Next Pastor, Andy Blacksher’s First Service “Receiving the Baton” – Sunday, July 2nd

Andy’s Welcome Reception – Sunday, July 16th, immediately following the service.

The next Hope House Volunteer Days are April 26th(Wed.), 28th (Fri.), and 29th (Sat.) from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Buck’s block


Faithbridge is beginning a new sermon series called “Mystery”. Everyone loves a good mystery, right? As long as it’s not personal to our own life, we like to watch, read, and hear about mysterious things. But when it comes to our own lives, we want answers. We want things resolved. In Paul’s letter to the Colossians, he reveals the greatest mystery, and calls us to live with and in that mystery.

This week’s message – “Who Did It?

The people of Colossae were wrestling with the same mystery that all people wrestle with: “How does life work best?” If you asked that question to a typical American, what do you think they’d say? How does that differ from what someone following Jesus would say? The people of Colossae also would blend together different religious and superstitious elements to make one “spirituality”.  How have you seen people do the same thing today? What’s the inherent problem with that?