Newsletter Week of August 19th

Pastor’s Piece

This week will be our final week for our August “Faith & Family” sermon series and we will be talking about marriage. In the United States, marriage is a legal arrangement that has significant financial, privacy, and legal consequences. As Christians we believe that marriage is much more than a legal arrangement.

In Genesis, God surveyed everything that had been created and called it good- everything, that is, except for Adam. Adam was alone. God said, “It’s not good that the human is alone.” A Christian understanding of creation begins with the realization that we were not created to be alone. Like Adam, we desire and need love, companionship, and someone to be our helper in life.

Marriage isn’t something that we are particularly good at in our society. Each time I officiate a wedding, I know that there is a 40-50% chance that this marriage will end in divorce. And I wish I could say that the numbers are better for people who go to church but they just aren’t.

This week I’ll do several things in the message. First, I’ll unpack survey results of what men want most in marriage and what women most want in marriage across various age groups. Then we’ll look at how our actions and the ways in which we live in relationship with one another makes a statement about what we truly believe about our God and creator.

Pastor Andy

Update on Larry and Tina

For those who haven’t heard, Larry and Tina Melville were in a bad motorcycle accident 2 weeks ago. Tina is recovering from a surgery and they are currently struggling to manage her pain effectively. She is scheduled to have another surgery on Friday to repair her shoulder. Larry is improving and is awaiting a surgery to repair his damaged eye socket. If all goes well, the doctors believe that Larry may be able to go to a rehab facility as early as next week. Tina will likely be hospitalized longer than Larry.

Please pray for their continued recovery and for the wisdom of the doctors and nurses who are caring for them. They feel blessed to be alive, and we are all cheering them along as a church family.

This week’s reading is Matthew 27-28.

Our reading this week for The Full Gospel Project is Matthew chapters 27-28. That’s it, we’re finishing Matthew! As you read this week, consider the following:

In 27:54, the Roman Centurion is the first person in Matthew to proclaim that Jesus is, in fact, God’s Son. The disciples called Him “God’s Son,” and so did the devil and some demons. But it was someone watching His death that was the first outsider to make that affirmation. What does it mean to you that Jesus is “God’s Son?” How does it shape how you understand Jesus?

A of stories are told about men in the Bible, and they seem to get the limelight. However, it is women who are featured in Matthew 28. Pause and give God thanks for the women in your life who have pointed you to Jesus. Perhaps consider writing them a note to thank them for the way that they’ve helped you to grow in your faith.

Connect, Grow & Serve

Married People
This fall we are launching a new ministry for married couples called “Married People.” We’ll kick things off with a “Date Night” on Friday, September 6th at 5:30pm. You will be given some encouragement and am “agenda” and then sent out for a great night of falling deeper in love with your spouse. Great for couples of all ages and stages. Childcare will be provided from 5:30-8:30pm.

New Book Study Group
All adults are welcome to join us for a new book studyWednesday, August 21st. This nine-week study will meet each Wednesday at 7-8PM. The group will be studying a book entitled, “A Faith of Your Own: Naming What You Really Believe” by Ronald J. Allen. We hope you will be able to join us. For more information please contact Becky Beck at

Show Your Money Who’s Boss!
Paycheck-to-paycheck living is no longer an option. Dave Ramsey and his team of financial experts will teach you how to take control of your money. Sign up for Financial Peace University today. Our sister congregation, Harper Chapel UMC, is hosting a class on Sundays from 6-8pm beginning on September 8th. Get more information or sign up today at

BOOKS for Kids

This year we will again be partnering with Heritage Elementary School to provide a scholastic book per month to each child in the Kindergarten class. Because of our church’s overwhelming generosity last year, we have decided to also include the first-grade classes this year. You may sponsor a child for only $7 for the entire school year, or any smaller or larger amount would be greatly appreciated. We will need to collect approximately $2,000. Thank you for caring for the kids in our community.

Hope House Volunteers
The next Hope House volunteer day is August 28th (Wed.) from 9:00-2:00.

Lake of the Ozark Stop Human Trafficking Coalition
Awareness is the key to fighting human trafficking AT THE LAKE!
For information on how to get involved, visit their website at: or attend their monthly meetings. The next two meetings are August 22nd at Central Bank in Laurie and September 26th at St. George Episcopal Church in Camdenton.