Newsletter Week of March 30th

Pastor’s Piece

I know that we are all experiencing this time differently.  Most people I talk to seem to be alright today.  Many of us are frustrated or annoyed at the disruptions, but we’re doing well.  Over the coming weeks I anticipate that the situation we all find ourselves in may change.  I want you to know this- wherever you are and whatever you find yourself walking through, God loves you, I love you, and as a church we are all praying for each other.  If there is anything we can do to support you, please reach out and let us know by replying to this email.  

Like many of you, our family is trying to adjust to a new way of living.  Tomorrow I will be ordering groceries online for the first time.  I’ll be making a video out of my experience.  If you are wondering what it is like to shop for groceries without being in a grocery store, watch for that video to come out on Facebook in the next day or two.  I will also send out an email letting you know when it’s available for those of you (like me) who don’t check Facebook regularly. 

You won’t want to miss worship this week.  Believe it or not, we are a week away from Easter now.  The Sunday before Easter is traditionally celebrated as Palm Sunday (focusing on Jesus’ final entry into Jerusalem) or Passion Sunday (focusing on the crucifixion).  Did you know that approximately 40% of John’s gospel takes place after Jesus entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday?  In the sermon, we are going to explore these stories and teachings of Jesus and we’ll see what the last week of Jesus’ physical earthly ministry means in our lives today.

Blessings in the wilderness,
Pastor Andy   

By our Prayers…  

Please remember the following people and situations in your prayers this week:
Terry Albert –  Dan and Cindy have requested prayers for Terry as she recovers from cancer surgery and also battles pneumonia.
Ruth McCrary – Recovery and rehabilitation from hip surgery so she can return to Missouri.
Christy McField – Debbie Geasley’s sister-in-law who has breast cancer
Levin – Sharon and Norm McGee’s grandson is dealing with health issues and waiting for a definitive diagnosis.
Randy Moore – Jerry Geasley’s cousin, Randy is battling liver cancer and needs our prayers.
Mary Jo Ware – In Louisiana undergoing chemotherapy for Pancreatic cancer.

Deaths in the Faithbridge family 
Jim, brother of Kay Basta- Cards of care and condolence can be sent to Kay Basta at 171 Grandview Dr., Lake Ozark, MO 65049 
Marilyn Sherfield- Cards of care and condolence can be sent to her husband, Wayne Sherfield at 70 Tidewater Ct., Four Seasons, MO 65049.
Marjorie Davis- Cards of care and condolence can be sent to Scott Davis, 149 Oarkhurst Dr., O’Fallon, MO 63369.
Roland Winters- Please keep his family in your prayers at his passing. Cards of care and condolence can be sent to Chris Cleary, 224 Keywest Lane, Four Seasons, MO 65049.
Lyle Sybert – Cards of care and condolence can be sent to his wife, Laurie Sybert at 14105 East 104th Street, North Owasso, Oklahoma, 74055.
(To be included in this list, please reply to this email or contact the church office.)

This week’s reading is John 19.

We are nearly finished with the Full Gospel Project.  This week we are reading John 19.  Here are some things to ponder as you read:

1.  The Jewish leaders claimed that Jesus must die because He committed blasphemy against God by claiming to be His Son.  You can read this section of the Jewish Law in Leviticus 24:10-16.  I have always wondered this:  why would God give Moses a law that would lead to the death of Jesus?  What do you make of this?

2.  Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus prepared Jesus’ body and gave it a proper burial.  This is the same Nicodemus who appears several times in John’s gospel including John 3.  We know that Nicodemus was a Pharisee (possibly Joseph too) and they both appear to have been secret disciples of Jesus.  They believed in, followed, and learned from Jesus, but they didn’t talk about it.  It doesn’t take much imagination to think of reasons they wouldn’t want to be open about following Jesus- most of the other Pharisees wanted to kill Jesus.  Have you ever felt like Joseph or Nicodemus?  Can you imagine the pressure of following Jesus but not being able to talk about it?  In what ways does their story seem cowardly?  In what was do they seem heroic?  What do their stories teach us?